Options & Packages

Our flexibility makes us famous!

Option 1: Exclusive Listing
You are in control: Tell us how many hours you want, which day of the week you want as well as the approximate location of your choice. Your message will be visible on all of our screens and you will be the only advertiser for your time block. This exclusivity will ensure your visibility, that’s our guarantee!

Option 2: Rotating Ad
This option ensures a rotating visibility with other announcers. Your ad will be displayed for 10 seconds per minute on our screens for a period of 8 hours, 5 days per week over a period of 4 weeks. Each ad will be visible 9600 times and will be seen by several thousand of potential customers on our roads. This alternative, inexpensive and with a huge potential, will accommodate your need for visibility. Your Cost-benefit ratio is so interesting, you won’t regret it!

Option 3: Chartering
Whether you have a special event, promotional activity or a project you cherish, our screens are ready to maximize your success while adding a spectacular element to your message!

For either option, we will be happy to help you!