At CDN Route Media, we use a custom built advertising box equipped with three LED screens using state of the art technology mounted on a fuel-efficient truck. All of our screens use technology that provides no less than 4.70 trillion different colors that ensures your advertisement clarity and contrast unrivaled with.

The Exterior
We innovate with a mobile screen.
With our unique hydraulic ascension system, the drive’s side screen begins to rise, reaching a height of 17 feet. This innovation allows greater visibility when the truck is not in motion. Your advertisement can be projected as a still image or as a video.
Our breath taking visuals can be accompanied by an audio message which will animate your advertising and undoubtedly capture the attention of your targeted audience.

The Interior
The box’s interior is equipped with a control system capable of playing any type of file. The generator powering our screens is an independent one, meaning that the truck does not need to be running for your ad to be seen which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Truck
We use the latest truck chassis, regularly maintained and energy efficient guaranteeing your presence and visibility on the road hassle free. In addition, we offer you a tracing service that will let you know where the box is at all times, which will allow you to follow the truck and insure your investment.